Christmas Advent Bunting

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Bunting is an easy way to add some fun to any space . These Christmas Advent buntings will add some colour to your annual Christmas decorations for many years and make great handmade presents to give!

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If you would rather give your child small gifts, special messages and some personalised treats during the Advent countdown to Christmas, why not add this Christmas Advent Bunting to your Christmas decoration box. Handmade to last many generations, this bunting can be hung as two strands, or tied together to create one long bunting banner.

Each pocket is 10cm wide and 16cm long, creating a pocket large enough for small cars, toys, and plenty of room for special messages from you or if you have one, your Christmas Elf!

Not quite what your looking for? I can custom make your Christmas bunting. Contact me and together we can design the perfect colours, patterns & lengths to suit your theme and budget –