My Story

Veronica Mayson - F is for FrankieHi, I’m Veronica, a WAHM who started creating toys and gifts for babies in 2010 and Baby Taggles was born… fun baby cuddle blankets with colourful tags to chew on. The Taggles were such a hit with my daughter Zoe, I started making them for friends babies.

For Zoe’s 2nd birthday I created my first dyed doily bunting, the purple version (my favourite colour) which I have used on my business cards, print advertising, and it still hangs in my office.

As my girls get older they keep asking for new buntings, needless to say we have many different theme’s, sizes and styles decorating our home!

Zoe calls me the ‘bunting lady’ and I am now helping out Alice’s daycare helping the little ones create their own bunting to decorate¬† & connect with their daycare space.